Water Assistance for Natural Disaster Impacts to Low-Income Residential Well Owners

Description of the Water Assistance for Natural Disasters Program for Low-Income Residential Well Owners
The Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust fund Commission approved funding of $500K to this program in February 2022.  The program is for low-income qualifying homeowners experiencing a loss of a safe, reliable source of drinking water at their primary residence. This program may provide short-term relief with the provision of bottled water and financial assistance for activities associated with improving or replacing the homeowner’s well or connecting the residence to a community water supply nearby. The program also includes water treatment (if deemed appropriate based on water quality results).

For more details about the program, please read the: Water Assistance for Natural Disasters Initiative (approved Feb. 14, 2022)

Income Eligibility Criteria
This program is to assist low-income New Hampshire residents with a primary residential water well impacted by a natural disaster. Compare your total household income to the income criterion which is based on  latest U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines and the average statewide Median Household Income (MHI). You can self-screen by viewing the Attachment A – MHI Worksheet. For questions regarding project eligibility please see application or contact: John.Pasquale@des.nh.gov

Bottled Water Assistance
Bottled water assistance is intended to be a short-term measure to households during well mitigation. Bottled water assistance is available if requested. Note: Temporary bottled water assistance shall be discontinued when well impacts cease to exist, well remediation is complete, or the applicant is determined ineligible for the program.

Well Mitigation Assistance
Well mitigation assistance applications shall be submitted by the homeowner and a licensed NH Water Well Contractor/Pump Installer. The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (“NHDES”) will review the two part application to determine project eligibility and may request additional information as needed. Approval of the proposed well mitigation  is required before work begins, Funding is discretionary and subject to the availability of funds. Any residential well improvement project must first be granted official approval to successfully receive contractor payment or reimbursement.

Note: Well contractors/pump installers are extremely busy; if you have not already contracted a licensed NH Water Well Contractor/Pump Installer, scheduling an appointment for a well assessment now is strongly recommended. You can search for currently licensed water well and pump contractors in your area here: Licensed Well Contractors in NH

Current Conditions

Currently, areas of the State are affected by drought. We are accepting assistance applications for drought stricken drinking wells. More information on the current drought condition, helpful tips for homeowners and known water use restrictions can be found here: Drought Management Program

Application for Water Assistance for Natural Disaster Impacts to Low-Income Residential Well Owners
WAND Application 2022 (Word format)
WAND Application_July 2022

Vendor Codes
Reimbursements costs for approved projects will be paid directly to the contractor or homeowner. A State of NH vendor code will be required to receive payment. Obtain a vendor code here: Applying for a Vendor Code

General Assistance
Send inquiries to:  droughtwellinfo@des.nh.gov


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Grants for Non Profits

Claremont Savings Bank Foundation makes grants one time each year to local non-profits that significantly enhance the quality of life and economic vitality in the communities that we serve. 

The grant application is now open until September 16th, open to many of non-profits in our service area, and I am told it is a relatively easy application.  Please share with anyone that might be interested and benefits from the funding!

Please visit the website, https://www.claremontsavings.bank/about-us/claremont-savings-bank-foundation.html, for more details and the application.

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Energy Assistance

There are programs to help people with heating fuel and electricity. Believe it or not, the funding for these programs is rarely all used. I think that a lot of people may not ne aware that they qualify. These programs are funded with your tax dollars, so please see if you can get some of your money back. In Cheshire and Sullivan counties, Southwestern Community Services administers these programs. You can get more information from SCS:

Claremont, NH
96-102 Main Street
PO Box 1338, Claremont, NH 03743

Phone: 603.542.9528
Toll Free: 800.529.0005

You can check the income limits for the electric and fuel programs at:

If you qualify, you really need to get enrolled to qualify for other benefits, like a potential extra $405 payment that is being considered.


“Facing federal deadlines to spend pandemic relief money or return it, the Department of Energy has proposed making one-time $405 payments to some low-income households to offset the cost of electricity, which will spike for many in August.

The Executive Council is set to review that request when it meets Wednesday. The department would cover the one-time payments with $8.8 million in pandemic aid the state received for its Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP.

The department designed the program to use the funds before the Sept. 30 deadline, according to the department’s request.

The payment would go to individuals and households already enrolled in the assistance program to cover previously unpaid electric bills or a current bill, or as a credit to offset future bills. People who are eligible will automatically receive a bill credit without needing to apply, according to Chris Ellms, deputy commissioner of the Department of Energy.”

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