Constituent Services

What types things can your State Representative do for you beyond going to Concord and representing your interests by voting?  Use the contact information at the bottom of every page to get in touch.

Students, Community Volunteers, etc.

Your service deserves recognition.  The NH House can issue Commendations and Declarations to honor your achievement.  These make very nice presentation pieces.  For students, they are also a great way to document community service when applying to colleges.  There are many ways that people serve in their communities.  Contact me to see how I can help recognize local service and achievement.

Veterans and Scouts

I can provide NH Flags flown over the State House for awards ceremonies and special recognition.  It is an honor, for me to be allowed to honor those who serve.  Returning veterans, Eagle Scouts… there are a number of circumstances where a flag presentation is appropriate.  Contact me to set one up.

Assistance with State/County Issues

If you have questions about state or county programs, I may be able to help.  It never hurts to ask.  The point of having so many Representatives is that we remain accessible to constituents.  Call, write, or email any time about problems, questions on legislation, programs, or recognition.

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