Negative Mailers

So, about that mailer… I’ve received some emails urging me to respond to a particularly ugly mailer that went out against Tom Laware and I. I’m not going to. I just don’t get involved in that sort of thing. The mailer in question was sent out by a state party organization. I do not believe that our local candidates support tactics like this, and I also know that they had no control over it. Because of that, it would be dishonorable for me to attack them over it. We had this go on two years ago. The hacks in Concord who design these things don’t know this district. The people of Acworth, Charlestown, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, and Washington are smarter than this, and better than this. Despite hate mailers and phone calls, people in both parties re-elected me in 2012. I will not engage in negative campaigning. Saying that “they started it” doesn’t make it right. I have always been grateful for the bi-partisan support I receive, and I continue to try very hard to be worthy of it. All the negative stuff from both parties ends in less than a week. Let’s just give it all the attention it deserves, by not mentioning any of it further.


About Rep. Steven Smith

Steven Smith is a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, serving his 7th term. Rep. Smith currently represents Charlestown, Newport, and Unity. Rep. Smith is the Deputy Speaker of the NH House.
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