You have a difficult task

I have not weighed in on the Presidential election, even through the Primaries…. until now.  American voters are in a tough spot.  In past cycles, the policy differences were at least louder than the juvenile antics that always seem to accompany the circus we know as a Presidential Election.  That is not the case this time.  You have been subjected to the equivalent of a junior high school cafeteria fight.

  • Candidate A: You’re horrible!
  • Candidate B: Oh yeah?!
  • Candidate A: YEAH!!
  • Candidate B: Well you’re even more horrible, and your supporters are horrible too!
  • Candidate A: Oh yeah?!
  • Candidate B:  YEAH!!

… and on forever.  You have been done a great disservice.  I honestly don’t know how you are going to filter through all the sensationalism and hype to find your choice.  I wish the candidates had worked together to discourage it.  I am just a lowly NH State Representative.  Despite that, I’ve had personal attacks against me.  I’ve never responded in kind, and I am grateful to the voters for re-electing me… proving that dirty attacks don’t work.  If I can stay above it, you would think that the next President could.  We have to work together to make sure that this never happens again.  If a candidate uses a personal attack, call them on it.  Write to a paper.  Contact a local party official.  A lot of them think that you want it this way.  I don’t, and I bet that most of you agree with me.

Good luck on Tuesday.  When you go the polls, sometimes discussion happens.  Disagreement even happens.  Please let’s all be polite.  There are press outlets that are fanning the flames by predicting violence during the election.  I know the people here, and you are better than that. There are elements who may be out trying to egg you on to conflict.  Just don’t let it work.  You have that power.  Candidates will be at the polls.  If you disagree with them, by all means express that if you want to… courteously.  Talking with people who we disagree with are the most important and productive conversations we can have.

Looking forward to the quiet that should come on November 9th



About Rep. Steven Smith

Steven Smith is a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, serving his 7th term. Rep. Smith currently represents Charlestown, Newport, and Unity. Rep. Smith is the Deputy Speaker of the NH House.
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