COVID Summary for 4/3

Two new executive orders came out yesterday. One is simply an extension because orders are only good for three weeks. The other is an order to provide relief from interest on unpaid property taxes. You can read them here:
The Dept. of Employment Security seems to have gotten the website straightened out. They deserve some credit. An agency that is used to handling a few hundred clients per week, suddenly had to ramp up to handle tens of thousands. If you have a doubt whether you qualify for benefits, the best method to find out is to apply online and just answer the questions honestly. A lot of rules have been relaxed. I talked with someone recently who was hesitant to take the money. Please remember, there is no state or federal money. There is no “government” or “public” money. It is YOUR money and there is nothing wrong with getting some of it back. – Steve
I have no idea if this works, but why not experiment? Many firms are working on apps that help you screen yourself by asking specific questions. Apple has one, and this one is free from the CEO of Pinterest and works on IOS and Android.


NH DHHS COVID-19 Update – April 3, 2020
On Friday, April 3, 2020, DHHS announced 61 new positive test results for COVID-19. There have now been 540 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in New Hampshire. The new cases are 40 adult females and 21 adult males. The new cases reside in Rockingham (20), Hillsborough County other than Manchester and Nashua (12), Belknap (3), Merrimack (3), Carroll (1), Cheshire (1), Coos (1), and Strafford (1) counties, and in the cities of Manchester (11) and Nashua (8). This marks the first confirmed case in Coos County.

Seven of the new cases were hospitalized for their illness; thus far, 80 (15%) of the 540 positive cases have been hospitalized.


Community Based Transmission
Twenty one of the new cases have no identified risk factors. Community-based transmission continues to increase in the State and has been identified in all counties with cases. Most of the remaining cases have either had travel to domestic or international locations or have had close contact with a person with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.
Total number of cases with no identified risk factors is now more than 211, which is 39% of total positive tests. More than one out of three positive tests are community spread, with no identified risk factors.
DHHS has also announced two additional deaths related to COVID-19. These people were one male and one female, both residents of Hillsborough County who were over 60 years old.
Cases by County
Belknap 14
Carroll 17
Cheshire 9
Coos 1
Grafton 38
Hillsborough – Other (towns) 69
Hillsborough -Manchester 74
Hillsborough – Nashua 51
Merrimack 36
Rockingham 190
Strafford 36

Sullivan 5

New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report

(data updated April 3, 2020, 9:00 AM)

NH Persons with COVID-19 540
Recovered 144 (27%)
Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 7 (1%)
Total Current COVID-19 Cases 389
Persons Who Have Been Hospitalized for COVID-19 80 (15%)
Persons Tested Negative at Selected Laboratories 6,965
Persons with Specimens Submitted to NH PHL 3,813
Persons with Test Pending at NH PHL 94

Persons Being Monitored in NH (approximate point in time) 1,775

NH: 540 positive test results – 7 deaths
MA: 10,402 positive test results – 192 deaths
ME: 432 positive test results – 9 deaths
VT: 389 positive test results – 17 deaths
CT: 4,915 positive test results -132 deaths
RI:  711 positive test results – 14 deaths
NY: 102,870 positive test results – 2,935 deaths
Apr 3 Map

About Rep. Steven Smith

Steven Smith is a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, serving his 7th term. Rep. Smith currently represents Charlestown, Newport, and Unity. Rep. Smith is the Deputy Speaker of the NH House.
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