About Steve

I’m Representative Steven Smith, currently serving Acworth, Charlestown, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster, and Washington in Sullivan County, NH District 11.  I will continue fighting for low taxes, fiscally responsible government, and common sense solutions to everyday problems.

Appointed by Gov. Hassan, reappointed by Gov. Sununu to represent the NH Legislature on the NH Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness – http://www.nhceh.org/nhich

Deputy Speaker of the NH House of Representatives

Chairman of the Autonomous Vehicle Advisory Commission

I am an Eagle Scout and father.  Our family has a small hobby business racing and selling slot cars.

I moved to New Hampshire 30 years ago in search of a better life for my children.  Over the course of those 30 years, I’ve seen many influences chipping away at that unique New Hampshire way of life.  One of the reasons that I ran for re-election is to protect that New Hampshire way before it is too late.  You ought to be able to do an honest day’s work, and earn a decent living.

I currently work as a Realtor.  Prior to that I was a trainer at TeleAtlas delivering and developing curriculum for adult education.  Prior to that I worked at Claremont Foundry… no, not testing software.  I ran a shot blast machine and climbed around down in the pit shoveling hot sand.  I’ve worked in woolen mills and book binderies.  Early in life I was a mechanic/cement mason at a cement company.  We made cesspool rings and nuclear waste containers.  I’m a pretty well rounded person in terms of life experience, and I know what it’s like to work hard for every dime you have.

We have some serious issues facing us, that aren’t going to fix themselves.  Manufacturing in New Hampshire is dying.  Jobs and companies were leaving the state.  Money was leaving the state.  We have made some progress towards reversing this trend, but there is more work to be done.

I came to New Hampshire because I knew that I’d be able to find a job and an affordable place to live.  I’m worried that my children, some now adults, will move away to find better opportunities in other states.  We spend a good portion of the year working for government… earning money so we can pay our taxes.  I will continue to work to make government once again work for us.  Let me help bring the power back to you, and your neighbors.  It isn’t just the New Hampshire way, it’s the American way.

I thank you for your support.  I have always remembered that my first responsibility is to serve the district.  I try to answer all letters, emails, and phone calls.  With a district this large, I can use help from point people in each of the six towns.  If you are interested in helping me, please contact me.

Email me at nhfirst@gmail.com

Call 603-826-5940

Send US Mail to PO Box 624, Charlestown, NH 03603

Thank you for allowing me to serve you for another two years.

Rep. Steven Smith

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